Thursday, February 19, 2015

Which Drug Is Most Dangerous - Marijuana Or Sugar?

You know, a lot of studies have shown that sugar actually does some very terrible things to your body. Besides from the lung damage from people who smoke it, what harm does Marijuana actually do? Ever heard of the movie "Super High Me?" No... not the McDonalds one..... at the end of the movie, studies showed after over consuming weed for 30 days little to no changes were made to the test subject's health. 

Super High Me - Full Movie

Here's a good article to check out if your interested in more details about that. Below that link is a link to one of my FAVORITE Facebook pages. At the very least if your about to click away, check out the Facebook page. It might surprise you.

10 Disturbing Reasons why Sugar is bad for you
There is a Cure for Cancer but its not FDA approved

Do you think you could give up Sugar if you really wanted to? 
I don't think I could. =/

The main reason I made this blog was inspired by the below video. It reminded me of a documentary I watched once, but I can't remember what it was for the life of me. 

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