Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ARCHER - ON FX - How to get the full "ARCHER" experience

Ever tried to watch Archer and not fully enjoy it? 
Obscure references? Who the hell is KENNY LOGGINS!?

Archer has a lot of inside jokes, which is fine! A lot of shows do this! The problem with this show is they are used VERY often in some episodes leaving newer viewers a little.... lost. One way to get around this is by ignoring these jokes, blocking them out, and moving right along.  But sometimes you just can't do that. 

Some older people don't even get some of these jokes! Hell I'm 30 years old and some of the names they drop are so specific it makes you wonder why even? That's because to people who actually are get the reference it makes it 10x funnier. We've seen this done before in "other" shows. 

You can still get past that though! But what is the best way to have the full Archer experience? The answer is going to make you say "WELL DUH" but you might not expect it from an animated comedy. Ready? Did you already guess? Start from Episode 1. 

But that's not a good answer though right? You want to know "WHY" You're so needy! Because, IDIOT it actually has a story arc and changes believe it or not. Plus like said above. There are a LOT of references made in this show. 

I'm sorry I called you an IDIOT. I've been watching way too much of this show. I can almost hear his voice in my head. So before you completely abandon this series, give it a fair chance! Next time your looking for something to watch go find Season 1. Stay tuned for future posts, sign up! Thanks for reading! NERD!! 

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