Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fortune Buffet in Wooster Ohio is CLOSED!?!

Alright! First of all look, I know this is old news! But its just driving me CRAZY! There are hardly ANY buffets here in Wooster OHIO anymore! Am I the only one that is really passionate about missing this place? There is now a Japanese restaurant instead but for the sake of saving a memory I found a picture of it online and I want to save it here, just in case. 

I used to always eat here
It was super dank! 
Great atmosphere! 
The Health Department in Wooster? LOL They are SHADY! I've had several personal experiences with them turning their heads the other way in places I've worked at! 

Now do you know what we have? We have THIS place that doesn't even have a buffet? What are you doing? Seriously? I don't know about you guys but I just don't like their prices, seems a little high.
Maybe I'm wrong and they've changed it recently? I dunno but I went in there ONE TIME with a friend who wanted some? I was a little triggered by their prices. 


You know? I know this isn't a much better visual experience than the last picture, its a depressing parking lot! WHERE'S THE GARDEN!? False advertising I say! That's a joke people. I'm just joking. Don't take it seriously I know some people would. 

So anyways I'm going to leave you with one last thing. Now I know this last picture probably isn't going to help my arguement much with some people and personally I am not a rice fan but look at this to go box! Seriously this was one of the BEST THINGS! 

I mean sure the main portion looks a little messy but that's how it's supposed to look! To me at least. I mean maybe I should be more picky about my eating habits that's no secret but man do I miss things like this. WHY DID YOU TAKE IT AWAY!?!

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